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about us


Our vision is to become a global company in the field of design and production of electronic equipment with up to-date knowledge

Company introduction

Samee Electronic Industries Company has been established in 2003 and aimed to produce modern electronic products in order to increase the security and comfort of everyone's life.

In this regard, the company could make smart electronic equipment in line with current world standards through employing its dedicated R&D personnel.

The company has always been able to move in line with its vision since 2003. Our company is one of the knowledge based companies due to the fact that the company has been established on the basis of science and knowledge and scientific and research innovations.

In recent years, This Company as the first manufacturer of intelligent traffic equipment with about 70% of market share has developed new products like making smart parking, glasshouses and aviculture sites with taking into account market and consumer needs and its capabilities. It has also produced home alarms and elevator door control boards with considering its powerful forces in the field of electronic equipment production.

We are able to supply products internationally. All of our team's efforts are focused on producing modern electronic products and creating a smart city to increase our productivity and customer satisfaction.

Among the achievements of our company, we can refer to activity in three main fields, start of production in 2003, operating in all provinces of the country and operating globally, equipping roads with more than 500 smart traffic signs.

Manufacturing bases
Since 2003
Production in iran and International production
Equipping roads to traffic LED signs
Organizational Culture

We has established the knowledge-based Samee Electronic Industries Company by means of a young, creative and committed team and emphasizing on teamwork to create a safer, smarter, more modern society with simpler control

Accordingly, we have chosen the activity areas of the company based on the environment around each person's life i.e. home, workplace as well as communication paths i.e. roads, highways and so on. One of our goals is to make smart parking, glasshouses and aviculture sites to move toward creating a smart city. We are always ready to provide services with a committed, innovative and up-to-date effort


• Establishing in Iran, focusing on R&D and designing of alarm systems


Start designing and producing variable message sign, VMS software design


Stop domestic production in Iran, start importing from China, upgrade the company's technical knowledge in this year


Production of VMS in Iran by high-tech technology, production of traffic lights


Design and production of intelligent speed limitation (VSL), Lane control signs (LCS)


Establishment of a metalworking factory in Iran


Design and production of traffic guide sign (TGS) for the first time in Iran, design priority system of relief vehicles


Produce smart parking, smart aviculture sites and smart glasshouses, produce lane control signs


Design and production of alarm system for safe-land locations, production of elevator door mechanism control board