Elevator door mechanism control board

The elevator door is divided into three categories of simple, semi-automatic and fully automatic In elevators with simple door, the cabin has no door and the floors have hinged doors. In elevators with semi-automatic door, one of the doors is opened and closed by hand and the other one opened and closed automatically

In elevators with fully automatic door, both the cabin and floors have doors and the doors are fully automatic (telescopic or central). The telescopic doors are automatically opened and closed to the left or right and central doors are automatically opened and closed from the middle

The elevator industry has been highly developed with modernization of people’s lives and rise of construction. The elevator door is one of the most important parts of elevator production, which has been well developed in recent years

There is a mechanism on automatic doors, which its function is to open and close the floors’ doors in addition to opening and closing the cabin’s door

In 2017, Samee Electronic Industries Company has been able to produce elevator door mechanism according to the latest technology due to being aware of this community need and with the help of its skilled R&D personnel