Smart Parking Management

Today, increasing population and numbers of vehicles have created many problems such as air pollution, road traffic and increased fuel consumption for people's daily lives. Therefore, utilizing from parking space in urban areas is more necessary. Smart parking management optimizes space, time and cost and also decreases pollution, congestion at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, traffic management, decreases management costs and the needed traditional workforce for parking management, counting the number of vacancies in the smart parking lot. This has numerous advantages for both the consumer and management

Smart Parking Management System (PMS) designed by Samee Electronic Industries Company

In this system, information about parking vacancies is transmitted online by the sensors installed in each parking lot to the central processor and the central system registers data in the data center and processes them and shows drivers the shortest route to empty parking lots using color displays installed at the entrance to each area.

The system is capable of booking parking by the central system and also equipped with car-tag reader camera at the entrance and exit of the parking lot to control inbound and outbound vehicles, providing statistics and reports based on hours, days, months, years, license plates, stop time calculations and applying special parking fees for pre-defined cat tags. Online booking is also possible on this system.


  • RS-485 connection between sensors and Zone Controller
  • Ethernet connection between central software and Zone Controller
  • Display connectivity via Ethernet, RS-485
  • Ability to connect 256 sensors to each Zone Controller
  • Ability to connect 10 Zone Controller to central software
  • LED displays with Full Color Matrix technology
  • Ability to calculate the duration of park time for each vehicle
  • Ability to represent statistics daily and monthly
  • Ability to display the number of inbound and outbound vehicles at any given moment