Smart poultry farming

Smart poultry farming Management of poultry farms is very precise and sensitive. The main goals of poultry farms’ owners are increasing productivity and achieving, the highest value and quality of meat, the lowest mortality and morbidity and the lowest cost. These goals can be achieved through automating (making smart) poultry farms by controlling all the important factors in the proper management of the farm and reducing human error.

The advantages of using smart poultry farming

Increase incubation by an average of at least 50%

Decrease needed manpower for production and in-door

Decrease chicken losses and increase production quality

Decrease fuel consumption

Increase accuracy

Increase comfort and convenience

Samee Electronic Industries Company implements smart monitoring and management of poultry farm by installing required equipment to control the following factors

Temperature Control = The ambient temperature of poultry farms has a significant effect on the growth, production and health of chickens and temperature control must be in accordance with the age and weight of chickens in order to have the highest growth and conversion coefficient

Ventilation = Ventilation of poultry farms should be in a way that remove harmful gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in addition to air conditioning

Humidity control = Humidity control is carried out for easier respiration of chickens. Fog sprays installed on poultry barns can provide the needed humidity

Ammonia Control = Ammonia released by bird droppings and carbon dioxide from chickens’ respiration can have adverse effect on chickens growth and increase disease if exceed the standard level

Nutrition = water and feed intake is one of the most important factors in poultry production and considered as one of the major factors in poultry costs. Mechanizing can significantly prevent from wastes and decrease the related costs. The feeding and drinking systems as well as drug distribution system can be also monitored based on a specified schedul

Proper light = light usage and shutdown time at different times of day (proper exposure) and at different weeks can result in lower mortality rates, increased quality and quantity of meat, better growth and thus lower production cost

Online Alarms and Monitoring = his device is for remote control. The alarms start to sound an alarm when a slightest problem or malfunction occurs in the system and inside the salon can be monitored with cell phone