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Lane control sign

These panels can be connected to central systems through different platforms, as well as can be controlled remotely and by control center through wireless systems, for temporary blocking, one-way traffic, or announcing blocking due to crash or, etc. Lane Control Signs are used to permit or prohibit the use of specific lanes of a street, […]

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Traffic guide sign

Digital Traffic Guide Sign is an essential tools for informing drivers of traffic situation and help to manage traffic. Signs connect to traffic sensors or traffic control centers and shown ahead traffic in the simplest way possible This information helps the road users select the routes with the lightest traffic load. Indeed, installation of such […]

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Variable speed limit sign

The speed limit signs changed due to current environmental and road condition and is showing up on electronic traffic sign. Signs typically indicate the climax point of speed and may also list the minimum. The speed limit change by sensors or traffic control center, Under such circumstances, indication of a variable speed limit can help […]

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Variable message sign

Variable Message Signs (VMS) increase driver’s awareness of emergencies, road conditions, road construction plans, weather forecasts and safety. Available in three different variations ranging from mono-colored, two-colored, and multi-colored digital displays. The primary application of variable message signs, often abbreviated to VMS, is the traffic control, where the signs are designed to deliver particular pieces […]

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